Sabor Latino was opened recently on July 2007. For this short period amount of time, many customers have agreed that Sabor Latino is one of the finest restaurants located in the Bronx and the best tasting food they've ever tried. This comes from the passion in our chefs in lovingly preparing the food with the freshest ingredients, aunthentic recipes and pride. Sabor Latino Restaurant is the one dining experience that has all the right ingredients, where everything comes together for the perfect and memorable meal served family style or dish at a time.
        One of our most acclaimed staffs is Robert NG. He was born in China but spent most of his life in Santo Domingo, DR. When he was at the age of seven, he moved to Santo Domingo along with his family. He then moved to Puerto Rico years later. During these years, he learnt many things about the hispanic culture and the traditional food served in both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. During his twenties, he came to the United States and since then he has been working in Sabrosura, a latino restaurant. With many years of experience, he finally decided to open his own restaurant along with Mr. Mo, a chef who also worked in Sabrosura restaurant for many years. We also have a chef who worked at Flor de Mayo for many years which is a well-known latino restaurant located in Manhattan. Our chefs are experienced in their field and we know how important it is to have a good dining experience, that is why our chefs work hard everyday to prepare your food with the freshest ingredients. If you want a memorable meal, come to Sabor Latino Restaurant!